By means of ALLEGROdirect! !, we screen the market for professionals and managers in your particular competitive and industry environment. We initiate the constructive discussions which lead to your ideal candidate.

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The starting point is an extensive requirements profile and a target company list we jointly clarify. Leveraging digital networks and our active relationship management work, we identify interested candidates and approach them directly but discretely.


ALLEGROmultiple! is our advertisement-based search & selection process for extended groups of candidates and applicant management. We selectively place advertisements on online platforms, screen databases and social media channels for the right candidates.

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In a kick-off meeting, we discuss your requirements and expectations as well as the job profile to define which online channels are best suited for your specific search assignment. We filter a wide range of potential candidates to isolate identify interesting profiles, conduct personal and structured interviews with the most promising candidates and provide you with insightful reports.


ALLEGROhyre! is the optimal solution for filling positions with similar requirements profiles which regularly become vacant. We develop tailor-made recruitment concepts and establish a long-term candidate network in your industry.


Experienced consultants deploying tried-and-tested & constantly fine-tuned methods

Top Performance

Optimal service based on performance, continuous improvements & exceptional levels of commitment


On excellent results, satisfied clients & passionate candidates


A tailor-made process, modern tools & clear communication


The careful management of personal data & confidential information

Think global. Act local

Decades of market expertise in Austria & Germany

Looking for
best talents

Our clients appreciate our smart, speedy and professional approach; one which allows them to achieve long-term success.

Interested in a
career change?

A decision to change jobs is one of life’s most important. We attach particular importance to fairness and partnership-based relationships.