ALLEGROhyre! offers two models:

A framework agreement for the recruitment of similar positions which arise frequently or a one-off package with a number of similar positions defined in advance. During a kick-off meeting and a pilot project, we develop a tailor-made recruitment concept.

An exclusive ALLEGROhyre! team develops a tailor-made recruitment concept for you and establishes a long-term and sustainable network in the target candidate market. The fee system on which ALLEGROhyre! is based is also innovative, offering a flexible combination of a fixed fee and performance-based fees.

ALLEGROhyre! kick-off workshop

Understanding the client’s requirements

The kickoff of every project is our Allegro workshop to understand the position and the needs of the client.

This takes the form of short interviews with:

  • The relevant line manager
  • The HR department
  • And/or the person who already holds the position

Based on this information, we prepare a recruitment concept tailored to your specific requirements.

ALLEGROhyre! Team-setup

An exclusive team selected to match your tailored recruitment concept

We set up an experienced and dedicated ALLEGROhyre team which analyses the client, its industry and the target market in detail.

Our team establishes a sustainable and long-term network of candidates in this industry. Knowledge and expertise grow continuously over the course of the collaboration.

Close and long-term collaboration lead to a high degree of identification with and an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs.

ALLEGROhyre! pilot project

Our proof of concept

The pilot project has two main functions:

  • Concept development: During the pilot project, we will jointly fine tune the previously defined requirements profile, the tailor-made process and the client-specific recruitment concept.
  • Proof of Concept: Filling the first position acts as proof of our expertise.

As a result, the pilot project establishes the feasibility of the concept and generates initial momentum.

ALLEGROhyre! recruiting

Implementation and long-term collaboration with our clients.

Our team will be on hand to provide you with support throughout the term of the agreement. Once concluded, our framework agreement will mean that no further contractual negotiations and kick-offs are needed – saving you valuable time and money.

To save you even more time, we review the qualification of candidates in terms of their suitability for the position and the ‘corporate fit’. We are personally on hand at all interviews and also rely on modern communication media to link you and candidates.

We provide support after the personal introduction with our analyses of candidate skillsets and their ‘personal fit’. Our candidates come with a guarantee, meaning that we will refill a position if necessary.